Mathopoly® Games,

and Myself

"I think your game is probably the most fun, most

engaging revision tool ever devised for Pre-Algebra Math".

​- C. Salgado

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Game Board,2 Dice - (6 sided, 10 sided)
Player Tokens ,100 Desks,30 Group Tables
Mental Math Solving Cards,Problem Solving Cards,Title Deed Cards,Money Tracking Card
Curriculum Question Cards,Protractor
Answer Sheets,Formula Sheet,Ruler,Graphs

***Junior Card Bundle includes questions based on Grade 4 and 5 Curriculum. They are sold as an Add-On set of cards for younger students or adapted students in higher grades.

What's In The Box


Four Main Strands

Shape and Space ,Numbers

Statistics/Probability, Patterns/Relations

Including: :Translations, Area, Perimeter, Volume, Angles, Variables, Algebra, Mean, Mode, Median, Percent, Exponents, Square Roots, Circles, Graphs, Basic Functions, Problem Solving, Mental Math and so much more!!!


Mathopoly Games has grown in the past years from a few simple prototypes of one simple math game, to the current catalogue of games I presently sell and teachers and parent use in the classroom and in the home. I am always trying to come up with simple yet effective games/tools to strengthen math skills all while having some fun.

I am a teacher with over 13 years of teaching experiences in classrooms filled with great students of all ages and abilities. I know first hand of the struggles some students face when it comes to mathematics, as I struggled my entire life with the subject. It is only now that I realize that it wasn't my abilities, or lack there of that caused my frustrations. It was the lack of engagement and fun associated with the subject that made me dislike it. 

I started using Mathopoly®  with a simple prototype that I made. After hearing students asking to play it again and again, and noticing a positive change in their attitudes towards Math,  we began to use it more frequently. Eventually it was a fixture in our classroom. Mathopoly® gave students the chance to learn Math using its creative unique style of math at every turn and curriculum based questions. 

 With tons of encouragement and the response I was getting from students, I decided to mass produce Mathopoly and get the ball rolling. It was a great decision to have made. Now Mathopoly Junior Cards are available and Mathopoly Bingo games are being used in classrooms around North America. Not only Mathopoly but my other games are now present in classrooms from Perth, Australia to Dallas, Texas to Victoria, BC.

"Man, you're a genius, I'm doing basic vocab like add, subtract, increase... and this is exactly what I needed! Thanks a bunch!" - Mr.Perez

I am blessed to have been asked to lead sessions on Mathopoly® and my other games at numerous conventions, focusing on Engagement and Assessment while using Mathopoly in any learning environment.  I continue to create sessions for Schools, School Districts and Individuals interested in something different and unique. 

***I want to include an important detail surrounding Mathopoly and all of my games. Even though Mathopoly is based on Grade 5-8 curriculum, Junior Cards on Grade 4-5 curriculum, one does need to be aware of the skill set of the students playing it. The reason I came up with the junior cards was simply because many of my students found the question difficult. To this day many teachers are using the Junior Card sets with their students. Then as time goes on, they graduate them to the original question cards. It's a catch 22 to label a math game as geared towards a certain "grade". I used curriculum found in the grades they are listed for within all of my games. Please be advised of this. You know your students or children, buy and use a game that you know they can achieve success in.


Will - Creator/Owner Mathopoly Games​

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