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"Having taught jr high math for 10 + years, it seems like we've played every game out there, with and without dice! Thankfully I attended a Mathopoly inservice and was introduced to this fabulous game! I incorporate it during our 'flex Fridays' where I have a group of grade 6-8 Mathletes! Our teams are cross graded and the questions are challenging enough for the grade 8's, and the grade 6's are very capable of the questions as well. It is engaging, hands on, and covers the entire curriculum! During one game, we will hit on every single strand and countless objectives. A fantastic tool for review and for the students to see just what they need to practice!
My students thoroughly enjoy Mathopoly and look forward to our flex Friday classes! Hoping to have my group of Mathletes take the game on the road and have grade 4 and 5 classes be introduced to it!

Thanks for breathing new life into math games!!"

Shelley Gartner
Grade 6-8 Math
Good Shepherd School
Airdrie, Ab.

"The key to Mathopoly's success is the fact that it is a game rather than a textbook or lecture"

- Samuel Thompson - Wpg Herald

"Math may not be your children's favorite subject, but it might be if they play Mathopoly"

-Kyla Duncan - Wheat City Journal

"Good Resources for middle years students are few and far between...if you can make any learning into a game, students will do it. They won't even think about it"

-Sandy Margetts - Professor Brandon University

"The beauty of the game, is that instead of focusing on one area of Math, the game incorporates all aspects of the curriculum"

-Aaron Epp- Christian Weekly

"Created by U of W alumnus, Mathopoly is a new board game that gives students the opportunity to learn mathematical concepts and firmulas in a fun way"

-Karlene Ooto-Stubbs - The United


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